How is Home a feeling ?

Now, this post may just be a personal one but im sure you can relate. I have never been able to put my finger on what it is about going home that gives me a warm feeling. Now, of course i know it could be family, or the opportunity to relax a bit, but outside of all of that i still have a sense of warmth. I think the most confusing part about it is the fact that ive caused so much shit in that small little town as a kid, and yet still feel as though i belong, well in my world i do. I  would never  allow anything or anyone rob me from feeling at home in a place where all my memories were built. IDE say something like, fuck off…..yea i know a bit harsh but thats just how strong i feel about my little town….its where ive always found myself coming back too. That feeling of home….warmth. I dont know about you but shit i love a casual stroll through the local grocery store, and being able to have a conversation with multiple people. Like so many people, that by the time conversation stops, ive forgot what i went for. Although, not everyone understands this, probably because its such a small town, but hey its almost as if it choose me, not vise versa……Oh , yea and by the way….same shit happens at the post office, walking down the sidewalk, in the bank, well you get the idea….thats why i ask,  “how is home a feeling?”  This was just something i wanted to ask, not to grand of an idea, but im just a simple guy from a simple town…just the way i like it and wouldnt have it any other way….although i didnt always feel this way, but that you will find out in the release of the new book “Chaos to Clarity”homeI also wanted to display a piece of art i recently created, if you are interested in any of  the photography please contact me for more info, pricing, and size availability.

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